Releasing agents
Marbocote Ltd has continued the advancement of semi-permanent release agent technology to give the most durable release film providing the maximum release performance.
Mould Release Agents for Composite Components
Marbocote manufactures a range of solvent and water based mould release agents that are used throughout the world by all the leading composite manufacturers. Marbocote is used for the release of components in Automotive, Marine and Windblades to advanced structures in the Formula 1 and Aerospace, such as the Airbus A380 and Boeing 787 Dreamliner.
Tool & Making
HP 2002
VE&PE Resins
Gel coat : HP 7, 220, Fastcote, Spraycote, 625X
Non-Gel coat : 227, 625X
Epoxy Resin
RTM/Infusion : HP 7, 220, 227, Fastcote, Spraycote, TRE 45 ECO, W2494
Prepreg : HP 7, 227, TRE 45, W2494