Coating Additives
Specialty Products
- Additional specialty products which bring unique properties
React-Rite ZDBCX
-React-Rite ZDBCX is an activated dithiocarbamate which is a very fast primary or secondary accelerator for natural and synthetic rubbers, and a very rapid accelerator for NR and SBR latexes.
-The product is provided in liquid form and is readily emulsifiable.
Specialty Monomers
React-Rite ZDA
-Zinc diacrylate. High purity difunctional metallic monomer/coagent for peroxide cure systems. Free-flowing and 100% active. Can be readily compounded with a variety of elastomers.
-Exceptional high temperature stability and fluid-resistance. React-Rite ZDA cured elastomer systems exhibit high tensile and tear strength, and excellent heat-aged properties
React-Rite NaMBT-50
-50% active solution of sodium mercaptobenzothiazole in water.
-Used as a water-soluble fast cure accelerator with good activity at low temperatures for vulcanization of natural and synthetic rubbers.
-Easy to use, and does not require dispersion or emulsification.